The Bender Guitar Shop

  Mission Statement:
    Our goal at The Bender Guitar Shop is to provide the bender guitar player with the style of bender guitar you desire to play.

     If you are wondering what a bender guitar is, here is a brief explanation. A bender guitar is an electric or acoustic 6 string guitar with a mechanical tuning device used for changing the pitch of a single string, while playing a lead melody line or chord. This is what pedal steel guitars do. The pedals of a pedal steel guitar retune one or multiple strings while playing. So the bender on an electric guitar gives the guitar player the capability to play pedal steel licks and invent new chording combinations not previously possible.

     One does not need to be a skilled guitar player to begin playing a bender guitar. In fact, it is our belief that a beginner guitar player would be excited and greatly encouraged to play standard guitar chords and use the bender to create a new sound. The bender adds an element of melodic interest usually associated with advanced guitar players.

    We have our own machine and fabrication shop, SteelBender Innovations, and can build any design of bender mechanism you would prefer to play. Some players prefer a Parsons design while others prefer Glaser design. Palm Pedals are most flexible as they can be rearranged in many combinations without buying a new guitar. Many more players use HipShot's because it requires no permanent drilling on your guitar and the price is right.

      Bender guitars are available at The Bender Guitar Shop beginning at $895.00.

Visit, our parent company's website.

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