Quick-Bender™ Bigsby Palm Pedals™

    The Bigsby Vibrato unit is the most recognized vibrato design ever produced. Bigsby's can be found on guitars going back forty years or more. The Palm Pedal was invented by Boomer Castleman in the late 60's about the same time as the more famous Parsons-White B-Bender. First produced for sale by Bigsby Accessories, Inc in the early 70's. The Bigsby product line was bought out by Gretsch™ in the mid 90's. Gretsch™ licensed Palm Pedal manufacture to db Systems in 2000. The Palm Pedal got it's name from how it was operated.

    Bill Bores of SteelBender Innovations has invented a new palm pedal for the Bigsby two roller vibrato tailpieces. Installation is quick and easy and takes less than 10 minutes to install and begin B-bending. Because of the quick installation, we call it, the Quick-Bender™. Dan Schafer uses palm pedals on many of his guitars and sees this invention as a good way for many new guitar owners to get into bending. The Quick-Bender™ does not require any permanent alteration of your guitar or Bigsby Tremolo unit.

    Each Quick-Bender™ includes a demonstration and training video with examples on how to use the Quick-Bender™. Installation instructions are included at the end of the video tape.

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